Tuesday, 31 July 2012

among the Bohemians

Feeling very British in my brogues and straw bag

Hello! I'm back again and could possibly be getting into the swing of blogging! Yesterday I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon at this beautiful place. I have visited Charleston many times before with my family as my parents are avid Bloomsbury Group fans and their interest has definitely worn off on me. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take photos inside but the interior is equally, if not more lovely as the outside, and has really inspired me to completely redecorate my room in shades of pink, grey and blue with swirling paisley patterns and vases of flowers painted on the door. Wandering around the cottage I noticed things I had never seen before - a colander-come-light shade here, unfinished Duncan Grant canvases there and painted furniture in every room! My description of the house could never do it justice and you must visit it if you are ever in the Sussex area it really is a sight for sore eyes and perfect when in need of a little inspiration(as I most definitely am at the moment)

 Of course a day in the English countryside wouldn't be complete without tea and cake(well, coffee and chocolate and pistachio cake...), which was relished in the cafe garden amidst the sound of birds tittering away in the trees above. With my head filled with leather bound books, paint palettes and rolling hills, I went home feeling well and truly among the Bohemians.

Listen to: Birdsong 
Read: 'A Postillion Struck by Lightning' - Dirk Bogarde
Eat: Chocolate and Pistachio Cake


  1. beautiful photos! xx


  2. Gorgeous photos! So pretty :) xx



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