Tuesday, 18 September 2012

le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

I've been a very busy bee recently and have barely been at home due to working a lot, but I just wanted to share with you all this little video of Audrey Tautou's screen test for 'Amélie' I found recently, as not only does it show how perfect she was for the part but I am a little bit in  love with her very 90s dress and shoe combination! 'Amélie' is one of my all time favourite films, so if you haven't seen it yet, go go go!

Listen to: 'Comptine d'un Autre Été' - Yann Tiersen
Watch: 'Amélie'
Eat: Macaroons

Monday, 10 September 2012

bright star

Incase you hadn't guessed already, I'm a hopeless romantic. Whether it's a beautiful song lyric or a line from a book, I am a sucker for romance, and there couldn't be anything more romantic than the story of John Keats and Fanny Brawne. 
Yesterday I went up to London to visit my Granddad with my Mum, where we picnicked on Hampstead Heath and took a trip to John Keats' House just down the road. Not only am I a ridiculous romantic, I'm also a self-confessed blue plaque lover through and through, so to be so close to a house of such history was an offer too good to refuse! After a good 20 minutes trying to work out how to get in, we eventually got to the modest but gorgeous house once lived in by Keats, Charles Brown and the Brawne family, and where some of Keats' most famous poems were written.
The house itself is very pretty, with beautiful wallpaper, big windows and lovely wooden furniture - another house that inspired me to redecorate, this time Georgian style! What I loved most about it was actually being able to see the belongings of Keats and Fanny Brawne, including the gorgeous ring he gave her, which unsurprisingly made Mum and I simultaneously make the same 'aww' noise when we caught each other's eye!
I loved trying to place events from the film 'Bright Star'(watch it if you haven't already, it's one of my favourites!), imagining Keats wandering around the house and garden jotting down bits of inspiration that would become his next success, and getting all girly and emotional again remembering the final scenes from the film...
I would thoroughly recommend visiting if you're near in London, even if you're not as soppy as I am, it's a lovely little place to spend a couple of hours and see where the poetic magic happened.
Listen to: 'Saro' - Sam Amidon
Watch: 'Bright Star'
Wear: Something Floaty and Floral

Thursday, 6 September 2012

the sky is bruised in pinks and blues

 On Monday morning, very bleary eyed, muddy and in need of a comfortable nights sleep, I returned home after 4 wonderful days at End of the Road Festival in Dorset. I've wanted to go since last year, and after much deliberation my best friend and I bought our tickets in July-a very spontaneous but exciting thing to look forward to! We bundled in to my friend's car on Thursday(apologies for how cramped it was and our idea of 'travelling light') and arrived to a beautiful, hazy afternoon sun across rolling Dorset hills to set up camp.
It's such a pretty festival, and although a lot smaller than Latitude it made it feel a lot more intimate, especially with the amazing attention to detail. Fairy doors in tree trunks, a toy menagerie roaming in the forest, peacocks and parrots flying over the Garden Stage - it couldn't have been more perfect as the sun decided to shine almost every day! It was so lovely discovering new areas where so much thought had obviously gone in to them, and discovering secret sets that weren't announced!

My friend and I decided to have a go at a music quiz on the Sunday, and very nearly left before the end, when who should turn up but Patti Smith! She was an announced headliner but not until the evening, so to see her in the smallest stage to do a reading from her book 'Just Kids' and share her words of wisdom was definitely something I'll never forget. I ashamedly didn't know very much about her, but she is an amazing, inspiring woman with a fair few stories to tell about meeting Allan Ginsberg(!!), her time in New York in the 1960s, and reciting the words to 'People Have the Power'. I'm not ashamed to say that I got very enthusiastic during her set after realising what a cool person she is!
I'm also a massive folk girl at heart so the smaller sets where equally as special, especially as I got to sit front row for one of my all time favourite singers, Leif Vollebekk, and even got to meet him afterwards and catch him playing piano in the woods-I felt very lucky! 
I am now suffering from what I like to call P.F.D(post-festival depression) and long to be back in the fields, and I would seriously recommend End of the Road to anyone who loves a good atmosphere, even better music and a weekend filled with memories and laughter - we spent the majority of the time in hysterics(I have the beginnings of a six pack to prove it) and I'm sure it's because it was the most relaxed I have felt in ages. Unfortunately it's now back to reality - pastry serving and stewarding await, but I will be back EOTR, 2013 it is!

The Lost Girl's 'End of the Road' Playlist:
'Norway' - Beach House
'Charlie Darwin' - The Low Anthem
'Cairo Blues' - Leif Vollebekk
'Woman' - Alessi's Ark
'Beeswing' - The Futureheads
'Emmylou' - First Aid Kit
'Gloria' - Patti Smith
'Hold On' - Alabama Shakes

Monday, 3 September 2012

une femme est une femme

This is just a short post to share this little interview with Anna Karina I found earlier-she's so lovely! I wouldn't say no to any of her outfits, or if I could possess even a fraction of her looks. I've started to become a lot more confident with the way I look and dress so will definitely (attempt to) channel some French/Danish 60s chic into my wardrobe this Autumn!

Listen to: '1921' - Leif Vollebekk
Read: 'Anna Karenin' - Leo Tolstoy 
Wear: Eyeliner a-la Karina