Friday, 26 October 2012

colours they merge, they scream and shout

A very blustery 'hello' this autumnal evening-the heating is on, fluffy fairisle socks are on, 'Moonrise Kingdom' is on and I for one am not venturing outside until absolutely necessary(quite possibly the most middle-aged thing I have ever said).
I have had a lovely week nonetheless catching up with old friends, taking afternoon tea at The Blackbird Tearooms(I cannot recommend it enough! I took a couple of instagram photos if you fancy a peek), and a train trip to the fishing town of Hastings. It always seems to be the same rainy weather whenever we venture along the coast, and today was no exception, but armed with our brollies and my trusty duffel coat we had a lovely wander round the Old Town. I love meandering along from junk shop, to bookshop, to boutique-ey shop, to junk shop and ending up on the beach surrounded by smoke-houses and fishing boats, even though my 'Twin Peaks' addiction made the abandoned fishing huts even more atmospheric amongst the grey haze...
The gorgeous Bells Bicycles-is it sad I was planning which outfit would go with each bike?!
My new birthday jumper was a blessing today in the cold, it's lovely and warm and seemed to fit quite well for a fishing town-all I need now is a yellow anorak and a pair of waders for my fisherman look to be complete! I bought these trousers a week before my birthday and can't wait to wear them with brogues and a shirt for a nod to the 1920s 'Brideshead Revisited' wardrobe, which funnily enough I managed to pick up today in a gorgeous orange Penguin Classic, along with a copy of 'The Lost Girl'-equalling one very happy, book-loving blogger. 
On the subject of books, blogging and Hastings, I have an embarrassingly belated 'thank you' to give to the lovely Jeska from Lobster & Swan, as I won her gorgeous giveaway last month(eek) for this beaut of a book. I now want to redecorate every surface of my room and always pick it up when I'm lacking in inspiration-so thank you, Jeska! If you haven't visited her blog yet please go over and have a look, it's one of the most beautiful blogs I've seen.

Have a lovely weekend x

Listen to: 'Bikes' - Lucy Rose
Read: 'Brideshead Revisted' - Evelyn Waugh
Eat: Victoria Sponge Cake

Instagram: @capturingcastles

Friday, 5 October 2012

barefoot in the park

Hello again! It has been such a long time since I last posted properly I had to remind myself how to use blogger! I've spending a lot of time at the moment either work very early or until very late, and then catching up on Great British Bake Off and putting off the dreaded UCAS form again... 
Yesterday though I had a lovely day off in London, where I saw the gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at the Tate Britain. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood are probably one of my favourite art movements, and after missing 'The Cult of Beauty' exhibition last year at the V&A and in Paris you can imagine how pleased I was to get tickets this time round! I really would recommend seeing the exhibition if you can, it's really inspiring (I now want to have William Morris  prints on ALL of my clothes) and a perfect bit of escapism.
We then broke up the culture with a bit of post-pay day Primarking at the Oxford Street store and managed to spend a good hour there (oops) before we were off again to the South Bank, where I got very nerdy in the National Theatre bookshop followed by a gorgeous dinner at Giraffe.
My favourite find of the day has to be this duffel coat from Primark(!) which has barely left my back since I bought it. I've wanted a new winter coat like this for a while now, and teamed with my black polo neck and loafers I felt like, or liked to think I looked like a Parisian student crossed with Jane Fonda in 'Barefoot in the Park' and Oliver Tate from 'Submarine'. It's been a while since I've bought a piece of clothing that actually brings a smile to my face, which either tells me that I spend too much time around cake(work related) or the duffel coat is a very sound investment!

Listen to: 'Piledriver Waltz' - Alex Turner
Read: 'Desperate Romantics' - Franny Moyle
Watch: 'Barefoot in the Park'