Monday, 3 December 2012

keep calm and carry on

Firstly a very happy December to you all! I still can't believe how quickly this year has gone, and I'm becoming very aware of how little of 2012 there is left, and how much I still need to get done-eek!
On Saturday, we braved arctic temperatures and snow forecasts for a day trip to London and the Imperial War Museum to see the fabulous Family in Wartime exhibition. I am a self-confessed History nerd, but it has always been the social history side of things that particularly interest me. I love learning about how certain events affected real people's lives, especially during World War Two where the Home Front played such a vital role throughout. The exhibition focused on one family during the war and their efforts on the Home Front, which was a concept I absolutely loved and spent the whole time imagining what a fab period drama their lives would make(and of course working out the beautiful 1940s costumes for each character...)
The attention to detail was amazing, with vintage fabric draping every surface, war-time sewing books and old Bush radios around every corner I was in a Home Front heaven.
How gorgeous is this yellow utility dress?! And those shoes! Although the dress was originally designed to use as little fabric as possible due to rationing, I don't think it's lost any of its femininity and wouldn't say no to something that beautiful in my wardrobe! I definitely think my love of this era comes from my Mum, who, not only acted as a walking audio guide throughout the exhibition, also has a beautiful vintage website from books to biscuit tins and everything in between, have a gander if you fancy: Milly and Dottie's Emporium 
Of course we couldn't have a day in London without a visit to Oxford Street(quite a contrast to the exhibition!), and I managed to pick up a gorgeous 1940s style dress from Primark no less, and a lovely little corduroy pinafore dress from Topshop which I'm sure will feature soon!

Phew, that certainly was a lot longer than anticipated-if you made it this far I hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you and manage to keep nice and warm(I'm currently under my duvet nursing a cold on my nth packet of tissues!)


Listen to: 'You've Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger' - Beth Rowley
Read: 'The Go-Between' - L.P Hartley
Eat: Flapjacks


  1. You have such a lovely blog! I love your writing as well...I really should write more but sometimes it feels like too much effort hehe. I'M A HISTORY NERD TOO! And I looove the Imperial War Museum, the trenches were so cool. <---neeek status.

    Greta xoxo

    1. aw that's so lovely of you to say so, thank you! I'm worried I ramble too much so its nice to hear that someone enjoys my writing! thank you for the kind words x

  2. wow, i think it was definitely worth braving the cold for, the exhibition sounds amazing, I'm exactly like you-i love learning about the social side of history, hopefully will be able to visit this exhibition soon!

    1. yes it's definitely worth a visit! hope you get to see it! x

  3. This exhibition sounds great! I am ashamed to say I've never been to the war museum, despite living in London for 5 years... You've definitely convinced me! Your mum's little vintage shop is lovely too by the way :) xx Rachel

    1. aw I'll pass on your lovely comment! thank you - and gorgeous blog by the way xo


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