Tuesday, 13 August 2013

lonesome traveller

Remember me? I'm the awful blogger who seems to only appear once a month and am about to disappear for another week. This summer seems to have come and go in a sort of rose tinted dream state - with the heatwave blurring the lines of reality and living out of various holdalls for the past month, whether it be glamping at a music festival (as in staying in an actualy house), relishing in the culture and wonder of the Edinburgh festival and have just packed up for another week as I am off to Greece tomorrow for some much needed sun, sea and relaxation. I cannot wait to feel the warmth of the sand beneath my toes, have the music of another language in my ears and spend some precious time with my favourite ladies - my mum and my sister. Although this summer has turned out a little differently than expected, sometimes the unexpected is equally as exciting. I for one am in desperate need of change and the wanderluster in me is itching to get on that plane, fly with the birds and discover new lands.

With that, have a lovely week and you will hear from me very soon. x

Listen to: 'Sing a Song for Summer' - John Martyn
Read: 'Lonesome Traveler' - Jack Kerouac
Eat: Ice Cream

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  1. Sounds amazing! Lovely blog!



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