Sunday, 10 November 2013

the autumn winds blow chilly and cold

Today has been a day of utter appreciation of the simple pleasures, a day where nothing particularly significant occurred, only the joy of spending time with the ones I love, yet was made all the more special because of it. I awoke slowly this morning, having the first lie in in a very long time, making note of the sun peeking through my curtains and took advantage of being able to read a new book in new pyjamas between the folds of my duvet. A lazy breakfast of buttered toast was followed by an indulgent shower, lathering myself in my favourite Clarins products, then tidying my room to the tune of folk music.
 Making sure not to miss the wonderful autumnal afternoon light, we hurried out the house for a walk to the local park, one where I spent a lot of my childhood running freely from playground to woods without a care in the world. A quick pit stop was made to the local deli, collecting coffee to warm our chilly hands and sweet treats to satisfy the late afternoon sugar craving. Taking in every element of the awe-inspiring natural beauty, I realised I had not spent enough time recently in appreciating the little things I love so dearly - the golden leaves on the ground, crisp blue skies against a pale sun, hearing the sounds of children's laughter as they run through the park, the coffee warming my hands and soul.
As the sun slowing disappeared behind the trees and families started to go home for Sunday dinner, a stillness grew throughout the park leaving me the most content I have been in a long time. There is always time to appreciate the little things, something we all need once in a while.


Listen to: 'Carousel' - Christof
Wear: Winter warmers
Drink: Coffee with the ones you love

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